True Story


We are crafters and we bring your occasion to life with  our handcrafted creations - through cherry-picked materials with a myriad of textures and colours. Essentially, we craft your story and the emotional bond behind it. 

In every craft unfolds a story, celebrating part of who we are. 


Our FlippingNotes story begins

“Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be…” A song close for comfort while growing up on this little red dot; the inspiration for us to follow our hearts as the best things in life are felt with it. Childhood days were spent emptying our pockets to meddle with art and craft, experimenting different mediums. They were our craft masterpieces in our eyes then, and today we will put our hands together for yours.


Master Crafter: Marilyn Ng

FlippingNotes is the brainchild of Marilyn, created to celebrate people and their stories behind. Having pursued her education in London College of Fashion, the stint left her greatly inspired by the quirkiness of the English people, culminating the creation of one of a kind pieces.

Armed with more than a decade of experience in Learning and Development field, Marilyn incorporates her expertise into FlippingNotes which she is most elated to pursue.