Online Feature on Her World Brides March 16, 2017 - Craft Bar® by FlippingNotes

Favours to bridesmaids gifts: 4 places for customised wedding gifts

We've got food and drink stations and dessert tables. The latest interactive element for weddings? A bar where guests can pick and create their own wedding favours to take home. Craft Bar by FlippingNotes is the first of its kind in Singapore to offer a favour booth. Think sachets which guests can fill with French lavender or rose petals, crafted diffuser reeds in different colours that can be wrapped like mini bouquets and canvas embroidery rings that guests can ink their initials on. 

Craft Bar® services start from 150mins with 2 Craftnions to facilitate the process. Prices start from $1288. For more information, email

Add a personal and thoughtful touch to your favours or gifts!