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Online Feature on Her World Brides March 16, 2017 - Craft Bar® by FlippingNotes

Favours to bridesmaids gifts: 4 places for customised wedding gifts

We've got food and drink stations and dessert tables. The latest interactive element for weddings? A bar where guests can pick and create their own wedding favours to take home. Craft Bar by FlippingNotes is the first of its kind in Singapore to offer a favour booth. Think sachets which guests can fill with French lavender or rose petals, crafted diffuser reeds in different colours that can be wrapped like mini bouquets and canvas embroidery rings that guests can ink their initials on. 

Craft Bar® services start from 150mins with 2 Craftnions to facilitate the process. Prices start from $1288. For more information, email craftbar@flippingnotes.com

Add a personal and thoughtful touch to your favours or gifts!
















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Sulwhasoo Event September 2-9, 2016 - Flower Wall by FlippingNotes

A bespoke Flower Wall made from scratch bearing their iconic ginseng flowers. Colours were selected to exude the luxury of this korean beauty brand: Sulwhasoo. To celebrate their 50 years of ginseng research, an event was hosted at Paragon atrium. We too crafted bespoke brooches for their VIPs attending the event.



























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Craft Bar®Services - Singapore's 1st by FlippingNotes

Gift Less Ordinary, Make It Personal

Make your (wedding) event one of a kind and set yourself apart with Singapore’s 1st (wedding) favours Craft Bar®, where your guests can get hands-on to personalise their one in a million (wedding) favours.

Following the debut launch of the Craft Bar®: Flower dome collection, the Craft Bar® will continue the concept of an interactive craft station, allowing guests to handpick and customise their preferred favours.

“The handmade element in our Craft menu elevates the bespoke experience, creating real value for the guests’ without having to bring home run of the mill gifts.” muses Marilyn, founder of FlippingNotes.

This same formula can even be applied to different occasions, be it corporate events, kids’ birthday parties and even Christmas or festive gatherings.

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Online Feature in Her World Plus January 5, 2015

Want something more lasting than flowers?

Take an unexpected, whimsical approach with a bouquet you can treasure forever.

From paper rosettes adorned with pearl accents to a luxe crystal and precious gem-encrusted bouquet or a romantic clutch of organza and lace petals, these bouquets will last beyond your wedding day. 

This spread was originally published in the Her World Brides Dec 2014 - Feb 2015 issue. 

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Her World Brides Feature on Instagram

herworldbrides There's no better way to end the week than with flowers, especially when they are as adorable as this paper bouquet from @flippingnotes ! Grooms-to-be, you can also request for your ring to be tied to the bouquet (as seen here) to surprise your lady. -Michelle #flowers #weddings
Featuring our {With Pansy I Marry} ... a unique way to propose to your missus.
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Magazine Feature in Parents World #Issue 45




Featuring our {Lovender} in spring colourway, which has dual purposes: As a hand bouquet and as home diffuser reeds. 
Home should never look boring with these!
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Magazine Feature in Home+Living #Issue 18


 Featured are handmade {Blossoms} in small bouquets, assorted straws and our handmade windmills.



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